Benefits of Live-in Care

1) It's better at home

Your home is a secure and comfortable place, filled with rich memories, photos and belongings collected over a lifetime. It is familiar and private. Your routines and food are the way you like them. Care Home Residents, particularly ones with some form of Dementia,  are asked to fill a "memory box" which will contain items relating to their past, such as a photo of their wedding day, or pictures of family members, pets, perhaps a name badge from their job or military service, etc. Memory boxes can be very beneficial as something the person can look at when feeling confused or having a lapse of memory.  It is a place full of memories, "home", you might say. By using the live-in care service, the clients' home itself is their memory box!

2) Families can visit whenever they like

Friends and neighbours can come and go and trips out can be spontaneous. In addition, you may have a beloved pet, by staying within your home, you can keep living with them as we’ll ensure your chosen Live-in Carer is also an animal lover and can take care of your pet as well.

3) Support for a caregiver

If Mum or Dad is now the main caregiver, having a Live-in carer will relieve the pressure. They are their to provide 24/7 support and even companionship to the main caregiver. In our experience, the Live-in Carer very often becomes like a new member of the family.

4) Dedicated One-to-One Care

The main advantage of engaging a live-in carer is the dedicated one-to-one care your loved one will receive. You will not have to share the time and energy of your live-in carer with 20 other people, as you would in a residential setting.

5) Cost effective

Live-in care is extremely cost effective. For the price of one bed within a care home, you can receive a live-in care service which is tailored to your healthcare needs. If both halves of a couple need extra care, then live-in care is significantly cheaper than two rooms in a care home, which also means that the couple can stay together.

6) Dignity and choice

Another benefit of live-in care is your right to make choices and stay in control over life longer. There is no need to change your habits and routines, so ou can still attned that book club or bingo night as you always have.

7) An end to loneliness

With more than 50% of UK over 75s living alone, loneliness is a huge problem. We will match your hobbies and interests with that of your carers, so you will have not only practical and physical help, but company too.

8) Specialist care service

We have many Live-in Carers who are trained and experienced in a wide variety of conditions such as: Stroke, Dementia, Parkinson’s, MS or even Palliative Care.

Whatever your goals are our services will respond flexibly and try to help you do everything you want. So, get in touch today on 0208 829 9830 for a friendly chat or a free care assessment.