Refferals and Funding

Social Service

In local Authorities, Social Services departments are responsible for finding solutions to problems about care. Social Services staff assesses the requirements of people in need of care services and may provide and fund the service directly or indirectly through private agencies such as Circle of Care. Depending on the individual’s financial situation, care service may be free, or they might be asked to pay a contribution or pay the full cost of the service.

Over the recent years, Social Services have developed a system of self-directed care support for people requiring care services. This way of working enables the individuals to decide how they wish to meet their own care needs rather than having Social Services staff making a decision for them.

Self-directed service allows some of the people needing social care service to have a personal budget (in the form of cash) allocated to them. Individual budget (money) is allocated according to the individual’s needs by Social Services staff. This money can be either managed by Social Services on behalf of the individual  (depending on one’s ability and capacity to manage and use the budget) to pay for their care service. This cash payment is referred to as Direct Payment .

Self-funded Clients

Some of our clients pay for their care entirely themselves, meaning that they are able to use our carers as much or as little as they choose. A care plan is developed in exactly the same way however, with the clients' needs and wishes at the forefront of everything.

Health Service

We also receive referrals from the Health Service to support people who are near the end of their life or have continuing health and social care needs.

  • Community Mental Health & Drug and Alcohol Service
  • Self-funders (people who pay for their care or support service)
  • Direct Payment

The service also accepts referrals from individuals who may approach the service for support. This category of people include those who pay for their service directly, those in receipt of Direct Payment on Personal budget from social service.

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