The right experience and knowledge

Circle of Care is managed by a core of qualified and experienced staff who are passionate about social care

All Circle of Care carers undergo full training when they are intially employed as well as an on-going programme to ensure that standards are upheld. Management regularly conduct staff appraisals, as things can and do change. These appraisals are partly to make sure that our carer/client matches are still appropriate and both parties happy.

Our carers will carry out whatever tasks are asked of them in terms of looking after the client and the home, from cooking, personal care and cleaning, to assisting with paying bills, appointments and whatever else is asked of them.

A large part of a successful home care placement is ensuring that the family of our clients are satisfied that their loved one is in the best possible hands, so a good deal is time is spent liaising with them too.

Whatever your goals are our services will respond flexibly and try to help you do everything you want. So, get in touch today on 0208 829 9830 for a friendly chat or a free care assessment.