Supported Living & Outreach

We adopt a ‘whole life’ person-centred approach to supporting people, using outcome based processes to enable us to work with individuals to identify the things they need, the things they want to do and the things they want to achieve; and then tailor the support they need to do these. People we support include those with learning disabilities, people on the autistic spectrum and people with chaotic lifestyles.

Our supported living service is an approach to housing and support based on the fundamental belief that every person has a right to lead their own life the way they choose to, to determine where, how, with whom they live and who provides them with the support they need.

Our outreach service supports people at home and in the community, and offers a broad spectrum of flexible and personalised practical support to people that enables them to live as independently as possible, access community based opportunities, develop their confidence and skills and reach their full potential.

Using straightforward approaches, agreed with the people we support, our skilled staff team:

  • Develop people’s everyday living skills, including cooking, cleaning and shopping

  • Support with personal care, including managing and administering medication

  • Provide support to maintain tenancies, including budgeting, maintaining homes, understanding and complying with tenancy agreements

  • Support people in accessing local and wider community facilities

  • Facilitate relationships so people can be a valued member of their community

  • Develop people’s independent travel skills

  • Support people’s independence by enabling them to make their own choices and decisions about life

  • Help people access training and employment or apply for and obtain appropriate benefits

  • Help people access leisure activities and lifelong learning

Whatever your goals are our services will respond flexibly and try to help you do everything you want. So, get in touch today on 0208 829 9830 for a friendly chat or a free care assessment.