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Live-in Care
for those with Dementia

At Circle of Care, we feel that live-in is the best type of care for those with Dementia.

It is a commonly known fact that one of the most common symptoms of Dementia is confusion and memory loss. This is why it is so important for the person living with the condition to be in familiar sorroundings and with familiar people for as long as is practically possible.  A recent study by the Alzheimer's Society showed some 83% of those asked said that remaining in their own home was the most important thing.

Circle of Care offer a bespoke service which is planned around the client, with their wishes and needs at the forefront of all decision making. We train and place our carers with each client, aiming to match personality type and interests wherever possible. In short, we always try to find the best fit and each client will only ever be cared for by a maximum of two or three carers. We find that by offering our clients consistency of carers, at what can be a very confusing stage of their life, helps them to feel secure in all aspects of their life.

With Dementia care in your own home, you or a loved one will be free to welcome visitors and be free to continue with your own routine: living as independently as possible; the only difference is that you will be supported around the clock by an experienced, professionally trained visiting or live-in Dementia carer. Carers are trained to be there as part of the family to whatever degree is required or wanted, but never to intrude or dominate the home life of our client, only to enhance and support their quality of life.

Caring for a person with Dementia can be extremely demanding (as well as rewarding of course) and a large part of our job is to reassure families and loved ones that there should be no guilt placed on them for asking for help. We will support the families, allowing them to get on with their own lives, confident in the knowledge that their loved one is in the best possible hands.

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Live-in Care
for the Elderly

At Circle of Care, we firmly believe that retaining your independence is vital in later life.

Our tailored home care services enable older adults and physically disabled people to remain independent and carry-on living life on their terms while receiving support to do the little and the larger tasks they find challenging doing for themselves. Our live-in care services also provide around-the-clock support and companionship from experienced live-in carers.

Circle of Care also provide Visiting Care or a door-to-door services, waking nights, sitting nights and 24-hour care services for adults.

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Live-in Care
for those with Learning Disabilities

As human beings, we all gain independence by learning various lessons throughout our childhood and into early adulthood, but for those with a more severe learning disability such as autism, many vital skills are never mastered.

From an inability to cook, to not being able to manage paperwork and bills at home, the problems associated with learning disorders are as wide and varied as the personalities of those who live with these issues.

This can make it difficult for people with challenges with learning of all types to fully integrate into society and they may have trouble looking after themselves. If it’s becoming clear that your friend or family member is struggling to get by on their own, we would recommend contacting an agency that provides live in care for learning disabilities.

Live in care for those with learning disabilities offers an effective and highly cost-efficient way to ensure that your loved one is well looked after. As well as offering around-the-clock care packages, Circle of Care also offers a short-term respite service which enables primary caters to take a little time out for themselves. We can be as flexible as you need us to be

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The best option for people with Learning Disabilities

Live-in care is a desirable option for those with learning disabilities. Regardless of their age or the severity of their condition, they will receive the support they need on a daily basis, without having to give up any of their home comforts.

Our live in carers will be guided by a fully-tailored care plan, which will be developed by our team after an initial site visit. The aim of this care strategy is always to encourage maximum independence whilst ensuring that the customer feels safe, secure and fully comfortable with their surroundings as they enjoy a full and varied life.

Our live in carers quickly learn the strengths and weaknesses of their customers to provide comprehensive care that will enable them to live independently. it’s the responsibility of our team to ensure that the individual’s physical and emotional needs are met, and naturally, this can involve carrying out a wide range of tasks. Live in carers may assist with cooking, cleaning and laundry; they may do the weekly grocery shop, or they may attend appointments and events with their customers. Ultimately, our live in carers will become a real friend to the customer. They’ll aim to involve the customer in as many different activities as possible to keep them engaged and ensure they are in control of their routine; this is especially important for customers who feel more secure knowing what they have planned for the day ahead.

Live-in Care

Providing ongoing care for a loved one can certainly be challenging – and, at times, exhausting. If you are a full-time or part-time carer and would like temporary respite from your duties, Circle of Care offer 24 hour care live-in care, night care cover and much longer periods of help can be arranged for you.

For some, our respite care service provides family members and carers the space they need to have the essential period of time needed to recharge their batteries. Many decide to take a short holiday with friends or relatives. For others, this respite may provide the time they need to help cope with a difficult problem, situation or commitment, such as a planned hospital operation or family commitments far from home.

Short term 24/7 respite care can be helpful for a variety of reasons, we are often asked to provide extra homecare support to those who are coming home from hospital or out of a care home after a period of sustained care.

Short Term Respite Care for your Loved one

“Short term live in care is frequently requested by family members who find themselves as the main carer to a relative or loved one. They often arrange a living in carer for peace of mind whilst they are on holiday or to provide a respite period.”

Regardless of the situation, our respite care service guarantees continuity of care for the person you are caring for. Whether the patient is younger or older, our carers will listen closely to your preferences to ensure that all duties are carried out exactly as you would like them to be. We are experienced in dealing with numerous conditions, and also offer hospital discharge care for those who need support after coming out of hospital.

After you call Circle of Care for a quick friendly discussion, we would like to come and meet you and the person you are caring for to find out all about them. We work hard to make sure that our short term respite live-in care services are wholly focused on our customer’s emotional and physical needs, and want to work closely with you to make sure that the small things that make all the difference are known to, and noted by, our very highly trained, caring and professional staff.

We would try to maintain the individual’s routine that has already been established by you. This may include maintaining regular activities and interests, whatever they are, so that any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum and your return to the home after the respite has ended is a seamless as it could possibly be.

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Emergency ​​​​​​
Live-in Care

Have you or your family reached crisis point?

We understand that sometimes, care is needed at very short notice. This could be due to the illness of a carer, discharge from an unexpected hospital stay, or even having been let down by another care company. Life rarely runs as we would like it to, but Circle of  Care are on hand to cover such an eventuality.

We operate a large support network in the UK, with extra support in the South of England, which means we are always able to select the carer who is best suited to your requirements. All of our home carers have been trained extensively in their field and we choose our staff not only for their knowledge and experience, but also for their compassion and commitment to valuing the dignity and self-respect of every single service user.

Backed by decades of experience in the home care industry and a high volume of positive testimonials from our service users, Circle of  Care is the live-in care agency of choice for those searching for reliable emergency live-in care services.

Expert, Emergency Response Live-in Care

After going through a difficult time, it’s very important that you can be settled back into your own environment as quickly as possible, with minimum disruption or delay. The familiar setting of the home, and all of the warm memories associated with it, provide a reassurance that simply can’t be matched by a hospital or a residential home environment.

You may be arranging live-in care in an emergency, but this doesn’t mean that our team will be any less attentive to your needs. Our emergency live-in support team will still carry out a full assessment and consult extensively with the individuals’ family and friends to ensure all requirements are met, even at short notice.

Carers' Breaks
Taking care of the carer

Sadly, there is often a lot of guilt associated with the idea that by asking for help, or by simply needing a break, the person caring for a loved one, is somehow failing. This could not be further from the truth, as anyone who has been a carer will testify to.

Caring for someone less able than yourself for whatever reason, is incredibly hard work. It is extremely rewarding, but also challenging and at times, is downright exhausting; everyone needs a break sometime! Often times, it is the carer's reluctance to "let down" their loved one which leads to emergency care being needed; they may have gone so long without a break that they make themselves ill!

Policy makers in the UK agree with this sentiment and carers are able to request that an assessment be carried out by their local social services department. Following this assessment, the carer may be eligible to have temporary live-in care from a company such as Circle of Care paid for. Carers' breaks are so the carer can look after their own health and wellbeing.

In you would like to know more about carers' breaks, contact us and your local social services department to arrange an assessment.